Businesses and homeowners can consult with Advanced Electronics Integration (AEI) for help to advance and expand your own capabilities using our experience and expertise. AEI can work with architects, interior designers, lighting designers, and electricians to enhance the technology and energy efficiency in products provided. AEI can assist homeowners to maintain your existing system or to make the most of a remodel project. AMX, RTI, Lutron, and LiteTouch are just some of the many different products that we are experienced with. Contact us today to learn how AEI can help with your project or existing systems.

Small Business 

Advanced Electronics Integration (AEI) can assist your firm in the design, installation, programming, or service of electronic systems for your clients. Use the expertise and experience of AEI to improve your product and capabilities.

Increase your ability to compete by improving the technology, energy efficiency, and delivery speed that you offer in your projects. From simple to complex, AEI can work with you to plan any level of electronic systems into your design. AEI solutions are scalable and can be added to any project for sophisticated features and capabilities. A lighting control system is a cost effective way to add big value and energy efficiency to your design. Including low voltage prewire in new construction and remodel plans will prepare your project for a future installation.

Increase production capability in order to get through the busy periods. Even fellow electronic systems providers can consult with AEI for help to complete a large or fast tracked installation. We can provide temporary skilled labor to help you get your projects completed when you don’t have enough time to hire and train new employees.

Retain you clients by contracting AEI directly in order to satisfy the needs of your client and prevent them from looking to a competitor for solutions. We will respect your relationship with your clients and we will represent you professionally.


AEI can assist homeowners in design, installation, programming, or service of your new or existing electronic systems. Consult with AEI to make the most of your upgrade or remodel project.

Perhaps you have selected your favorite handyperson or electrician to install your audio visual systems, consulting with AEI will enable your chosen serviceperson to install and service a sophisticated audio visual system and to make the most of his or her efforts. You can turn a low budget remodel into a high-tech upgrade by consulting with AEI.

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